Bling-bling Diamonds Metal Bezel Case for Apple Watch iWatch S1/S2/S3 Sports&Edition Non-ceramic Version Fits the Bigger Size 42MM (Platinum Diamonds)

[Important Note] :
1. The Bezel Case ONLY Fits Apple Watch S1/S2/S3 Aluminum and Stainless Steel Case, NOT fit the Ceramic version watch.
2. Please double check the back of your watch and make sure it is not the CERAMIC version of the watch.
3. If your Apple Watch is series 2 or series 3, you can install it for use immediately.
4. If you apple watch is series1 , please have the two black rubber strips pasted on the case’s two bars, it will make your apple watch close together with the case completely.

Product Features

  • Compatible for Apple Watch iWatch S1/S2/S3 Sports & Edition Non-Ceramic version fits the bigger size 42 mm.
  • Diamond Bezel Watch Case Made from Premium Alloy with Electroplate 24k gold and designed by excellent young designers. Hand Made by AAAAA grade Crystal Rhinestone Diamond, Jewelry class quality. Each crystal is inlaid in the watch case one by one under microscope. The crystals are inlaid firmly not easy to fall off.
  • This Case will definitely be worn mostly as a special occasion item for you and you never thought that it could make your apple watch look as pretty as Michele Deco Watch.
  • Really Dress up your Apple Watch and most people have never seen one like that on an Apple Watch. Easy Insert with secure snap on closure and easy remove the case from Watch.
  • Available in Bigger Size 42MM Fits Apple Watch & Apple Watch S1/S2/S3. [Important Note] : Series 3 ONLY Fits the Aluminum and Stainless Steel Apple Watch. It will NOT fit the CERAMIC version watch. Please check the back of your watch and make sure it is not the CERAMIC version of the watch. (This Watch Case is Our Patented Product.)

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