Bosymart Women’s Rose Gold-Tone Crystal White Dial Analog Quartz Leather Strap Watch

Package Includes:
1 x Wrist Watch
1 x Watch Box

How to Set the Time:
* Before shipment, we will check the quality of the watch to make sure the watch works properly. And in order to save the battery power, we will pull out the crown of the watch when it is shipped, so the watch you received is suspended.
* After take out the watch, rotating the crown clockwise to adjust the time, then push back the crown, the watch will work properly. If the second hand don’t move upon completion of the above operation, you can pull out the crown and then push it back. Normally, after repeating this operation a few times, the watch will work properly.

How to Choose a Watch for Your Wrist Size:
* Measure your wrist: Take a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper, wrap it around your arm so that it’s where your watch band would usually sit, which should be just below the wrist bone. If you are using a strip of paper, take a pen and mark the point where the end meets itself, and then unwrap the paper and lay it flat next to a ruler, noting the measurement. Convert the measurement to millimeters.
* Using your wrist circumference divided by the case diameter,the result is called the watchcase index. If the watchcase index is between 4 and 5, the watch is appropriate. If the watchcase index is less than 4, the watch is too big. If the watchcase index is more than 5, the watch is too small.
* Choosing the size of the watch case, in addition to your wrist size, it should be based on your age, gender, body shape, job nature, lifestyle, and even personal preferences and other factors to consider. Ideally, the watch case size should be the same as the wrist width and should not exceed the wrist edge.

Product Features

  • Crystal-set bezel, crystal & arabic numerals hour markers
  • Total length of watch (case and clasp included): 22 cm/ 8.66 inches (all sizes are manually measured and there is a 2cm~3cm reasonable error)
  • Water resistant: for daily use, not suit for shower or swimming
  • Our products are taken in kind, but due to light, display settings and other factors, it may lead to a slight color difference between pictures and material object
  • Comes in a Watch Box

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