Car perfume seat creative watches crystal ornaments car decoration perfume bottles (Black)

Perfume seat Material: glass

Customization: Yes

Type: solid type

Net Weight: 850 (g)

Perfume seat shape: ball perfume seat

Color: charm blue, cool black, color


1. Glass base with a perfume hole, open the perfume bottle, the perfume into the perfume seat, can not add too full to prevent perfume overflow.

2. With double-sided adhesive to the perfume seat fixed in the car at the appropriate level, (double-sided adhesive can be replaced with alcohol or other special cleaning agent)

3. When the perfume is almost used up, please put the residue drained, put on a new perfume, if the same fragrance of perfume can be added directly, for other fragrance perfume need to clean perfume bottle after drying into perfume

【Cleaning and maintenance】: with ordinary cleaning solution after the water will be washed items to be placed, with a soft brush or hand cleaning, and then rinse with water, come up with dry control, until the semi-dry wipe with a soft towel You can, without leaving the water and fingerprints.


1. Do not wait for water and then wipe, because the water will leave the water after the water, must be half dry when rub. If you want to make crystal products brighter, then placed after the sun drying 2 to 3 hours, the sun after absorbing the product more bright

2. parking should be parked in a cool position, perfume seat in the strong sun exposure, the perfume can easily be evaporated

Turn the bottle inside the car to open the bottle, the aromatherapy essential oil into the bottle, then tighten the cap.

Use double-sided adhesive to fix the aromatherapy bottle in the appropriate horizontal position to keep the bottle up. Please note that the bottle is kept up during installation to prevent the oil from overflowing.

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