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Watch Repair Tools Capper Back Closing Machine Bench Tool Crystal Bezel Press Case One Piece

We will provide you The best watch press repair tool.This sturdy tool is brand new with full set of accessories and an extra case vice for more flexibility on fixing the watch.this tool applies pressure by screwing top handle, this means you have total control how much pressure you use, you can use just enough pressure to fit crystal or case back. With many other press tools is very easy to apply to much and break the watch


material: aluminium alloy machine, plastic dies

color: red machine

beige diesmachine sizes: length: 120mm / 4.7″ width: 100mm / 3.9″ height: 200mm / 7.9″

dies sizes: round size: 18/20 21/23 24/26 28/30 31/32 33/34 36/38 40/42 43/45 48/50

two round of dies: 16/16 20/25mm

square size: 20 25 30 35 40 45mm

shield size: 37 45mm;the above sizes are all outside diameter

Opens From Closed To 1/2″ to 1-1/8″

Both the upper and lower are M6 thread which can accept most generic dies and/or the dies for Bergeon 5500A or 5500C

Package include:

1 X Watch press machine

1X20 x Dies

Product Features

  • Watch Press Feature:Convenient, quick and effortless;Metal, hard and durable;Long lasting.
  • Watch Case Closer Perfect tool for replacing watch crystals and snap-back cases
  • Watch Back Cover Crafted with high quality cast iron, the press is kept stable without any shakes throughout the watch fixing process
  • Watch Repair Tool Made with good material that won’t cause scratches and marks on your watch face and cover
  • Redwatch repair tools,high quality and unique appearance,The base has four threaded holes,good stability

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