Torgoen T25 Blue GMT Pilot Wrist Watch | 41mm – Vintage Leather Strap | Spphire Crystal

Inspired by the Sextant, and other 17th Century navigational instruments used by John Harrison in solving the longitudinal problem, this dual-zone timepiece straight forward, ergonomically designed for easy read which is the signature of all Torgoen watches. With a vintage design and bold look, this time piece incorporates two independent time zones one of which is represented by an additional hand that makes one revolution every 24 (rather than the normal 12) and therefore has a display in 24 hour (military) format. This allows easy communication between pilots and ATC (Air Traffic Control) normally communicated in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) in order to have common language between planes arriving from different time zones and ATC. Of course the function allows a choice of any time zone of your convenience and is perfect for people that need to contact acquaintances, colleagues or family members in different time zones. With a high grade solid stainless steel case, a classic, easy-to-read dial and Italian genuine leather vintage, worn look strap, this classic timepiece is a one-of-a-kind.

Product Features

  • GMT

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