Watch Crystal Face Protectors 28mm (2 pack)

The protectors you will receive in your order will come in a package of 2. They last a very long time and you can expect to get years of use from each one. They are perfect for any watch, water proof and scratch resistant. Ideal for use in any application whether your an active adventurous person who is into diving and you need protection from the coral or you need protection from all of the minor things that can come in contact with your watch in day to day life. We will have your watch covered. If in the unlikely event that your watch protector does get damaged you can easily remove the protector and replace it in minutes. available in sizes 15mm to 55mm

Product Features

  • The same product we use to protect HD GoPro camera lenses
  • Amazingly clear durable protection for your watch from MyTuffStuff
  • We manufacture lens protection for action sports cameras like the Gopro
  • You wont find clearer protection for your watch than what we offer our protector are clear enough to film HD video through

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