WRISTOLOGY Ellie Womens Hexagon Crystal Gold Boyfriend Watch Metal Mesh Strap

The Ellie Womens hexagon boyfriend watch by WRISTOLOGY is the watch that loves to break all the rules. She features a totally unique, super slim hexagon shaped case in beautifully feminine gold, a blank white face embellished with a crystal time index, and a gorgeous metal mesh strap. So quit going in circles and start standing out with Ellie!

What we have to say about Ellie: Ellie is a standout – in the best way possible. Be prepared to be stopped frequently to be complimented.

What Ellie has to say:
If you don’t buy me, someone else will!
– Ellie
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Ellie will fit any wrist from 5-8.5″.

Design. Quality. Direct.
Hi – We’re WRISTOLOGY – a women’s boyfriend watch brand created to change the crazy over-priced, under designed womens watch market.
Since the beginning of time, women’s watches have basically been a “mini version” of a man’s watch. Over the last decade, watch designers have “branched out” to taking their mens watches and adding a feminine detail or two and calling it a womens watch.
We do things a little differently at WRISTOLOGY. We design for pretty, we manufacture for quality and only sell women’s watches without middlemen, department store markup or expensive celebrity endorsements. Design. Quality. Direct.

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Product Features

  • Womens boyfriend gold watch featuring a Hexagon design that transitions well from day to night
  • 18mm easy change strap requires no tools to change your style! Search “Wristology straps” to purchase extra straps.
  • DESIGN – Ellie features a slim hexagon case, crystal graced, simple white face and a metal mesh band
  • QUALITY – Our women’s boyfriend watches are crafted from quality materials and warranted for 2 years
  • DIRECT – We only design womens boyfriend watches and sell them direct from our factory to you.

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