WRISTOLOGY Olivia Womens Rose Gold Crystal Boyfriend Watch Set 2 Straps Beige Rose Gold Mesh Bands

The Olivia rose gold crystal 2 strap watch set is perfect for those of us who can never decide what to wear! It includes our popular rose gold crystal watch face, a beige off white leather strap, a rose gold metal mesh band and a cute carrying case. So no matter what outfit you end up wearing, Olivia has you covered. She looks great and transitions from day to night like a pro.

What we have to say about OLIVIA: Olivia is a timeless beauty. You’ll never find her hopping from trend to trend because she prefers to stay polished in her own classic feminine style. She sleeps soundly at night knowing that she won’t have to ask “”what was I thinking”” in 10 years.

What Olivia has to say:
I love to ride in the shopping cart! Put me in!
– Olivia
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Olivia is a leather watch that will fit any wrist from 5-8.5″.

Design. Quality. Direct.
Hi – We’re WRISTOLOGY – a women’s boyfriend watch brand created to change the crazy over-priced, under designed womens watch market.
Since the beginning of time, women’s watches have basically been a “mini version” of a man’s watch. Over the last decade, watch designers have “branched out” to taking their mens watches and adding a feminine detail or two and calling it a womens watch.
We do things a little differently at WRISTOLOGY. We design for pretty, we manufacture for quality and only sell women’s watches without middlemen, department store markup or expensive celebrity endorsements. Design. Quality. Direct.

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Product Features

  • Womens boyfriend watch set with 2 watch bands – Beige Leather & Rose Gold metal mesh
  • Includes: 1 Olivia rose gold crystal watch and 2 easy change 18mm straps
  • Straps change in seconds with no tools
  • We only design womens watches and sell them direct from our factory to you.
  • If you’re not in love with your new chunky womens boyfriend watch, send it back!

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